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There are very few American states that can boast such restrictive gambling laws as Hawaii. Indeed, just Utah can compete with Hawaii in terms of its prohibition of all forms of legalized gambling. It would seem that the Hawaiian state has very little appetite to legalize and regulate gambling, with the state generating sufficient income from its vibrant tourism industry.

Hawaii scoops more than $1 billion a year in tourism revenues. When you consider that a casino would bring in a maximum of $40 million a year in revenue, it’s easy to see why the state has focused heavily on enticing holidaymakers than gamblers.

Hawaii Gambling Laws – Summary and Look to the Future

Although all forms of legalized gambling are prohibited in Hawaii, it is possible for Hawaiians to play online with offshore operators, with no legislation currently in place restricting locals from placing online bets handled by offshore brands.

Hawaii Gambling Laws – A Brief History

  • 1959 – Hawaii recognised as the 50th state in August.
  • 1972 – Hawaii’s revised statutes define all forms of gambling and criminalizes all activities.
  • 2010 – House Bill 2251 voted down by Hawaii Legislature, with no approval to license casino operators in Honolulu and regulate the Hawaiian casino industry.
  • 2016 – Law on mainland lottery tickets clarified – Hawaiians can buy tickets from the mainland and cash them in after a jackpot, with all winnings subject to state taxation.
  • 2017 – State senator Will Espero seeks to introduce a bill to legalize and regulate online gambling in Hawaii, but remains unapproved as yet.

What Types of Gambling are Legal in Hawaii?

  • Casino Gambling – There is no casino gambling in Hawaii and there are no plans to have any. Cruise ships that begin and end in Hawaii aren’t permitted to have onboard casinos. Most feel with tourism being Hawaii’s number one source of income, casinos would just take that money away from local businesses.
  • Sports Betting – Hawaii has no sports betting and there are no plans to add it. You can follow Hawaii’s plans for sports betting here.
  • Online Betting – Hawaii has no online betting and any form of betting is considered a felony in the state.
  • Daily Fantasy – Fanduel and Draft Kings were issued cease and desist orders from the state of Hawaii and they have complied.
  • Poker – There are no legal places to play poker in Hawaii with the exception of bars holding poker tournaments that have no buy-in.
  • Bingo – Bingo is not legal in Hawaii as it is one of two states that do not allow gambling at all.
  • Lottery – There is no lottery in Hawaii and no plans for one.

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