PSG vs. Club Brugge 12/7/21 UEFA Champions League Soccer Picks, Predictions, and Odds

PSG vs. Club Brugge 12/7/21 UEFA Champions League Soccer Picks, Predictions, and Odds player photo
Credit: USA Today Sports

PSG is hosting Club Brugge at Parc des Princes in round 6 of Group A of the UEFA Champions League. PSG hasn’t been looking well for a while now, but they are still a stacked team that can beat anyone. Club Brugge is on a 3-game winning streak, but the best they can do in the Champions League in the Europa League.

PSG has 2 draws in a row in Ligue 1, and they have been struggling quite a lot as of late. Despite these two draws, PSG is still at the top of the table in Ligue 1 with 42 points. As far as the Champions League goes, PSG is in second place with 8 points, and they will be staying there regardless of a result in this game. Offensively, PSG was decent in the Champions League with 9 scored goals, but their defense was far from good with 7 conceded goals. Messi is the leading goalscorer for PSG in the Champions League with 3 goals. Mbappe has added 3 assists. I have mentioned this before, PSG is filled with players whose ego is bigger than their heads, and I don’t think Pochettino knows how to handle that, or he just can’t. PSG needs a positive result, or they risk sinking deeper into the hole they are in right now. PSG is a good team, but it’s just not working out for them right now.

Club Brugge is in quite a good form right now, and they have scored 9 goals in their last 3 games, but they have also conceded 7 goals, which is not great. In the Belgian Pro League, Brugge is now in 3rd place with 33 points, and they are only 4 points away from the top of the table. In the Champions League, Brugge is the weakest defensive team in this group with 16 conceded goals, and their offense is not even close to the other teams. Club Brugge has scored only 5 goals in 5 games in the Champions League. Club Brugge can still get to the Europa League spot in this last round, but they need to get a positive result from this game, and they need to hope Leipzig will lose to Manchester City, and it’s possible considering PSG’s sloppy form right now. Vanaken is the leading goalscorer for Club Brugge with 3 goals in the Champions League. Club Brugge is a solid team, but as we can see the Europa League is more their wheelhouse, and they just might end up there.

These two teams haven’t played a lot of games, but Brugge has had a win against PSG some 15 years ago. PSG has more quality, but their defense is terrible right now, and Brugge needs to go for the win. I’m taking goals.