Legal Maryland Online Gambling, Poker & Casinos

Much of Maryland's growth and development as a state relied heavily on its revenue generated by the state's gambling industry. Revenue generated from raffles and lotteries helped to go towards the creation of local communities, with schools and light industry dependent largely on these profits.

Although Maryland's gambling industry decelerated somewhat in the 20th century, the advent of casinos, slot machines, video poker and daily fantasy sports has breathed new life into the sector in recent times.

Slot and video poker machines were de-criminalized in 2008 and traditional casino games and poker were also legalized.

Maryland Gambling Laws - Summary and Look to the Future

At the time of writing, Maryland's legislature does not prohibit online betting of any kind. Given the state's largely positive view towards traditional gambling, it would be a surprise if Congress were to introduce punitive measures restricting the placement of online wagers in the coming years.

Until the state does criminalize online gambling, individuals residing in Maryland can bet online freely without fear of prosecution.

Do bear in mind that illegal gambling convictions carry fines of up to $1,000 in the state, with second offenses carrying automatic felony convictions.

Maryland Gambling Laws - A Brief History

  • 1791 - Church-operated lotteries become increasingly popular within local communities.
  • 1836 - State opts to outlaw all forms of gambling - including lotteries.
  • 1920 - Pari-mutuel betting approved by state congress.
  • 2008 - Slot machines permitted to be operated throughout Maryland.
  • 2012 - Traditional casino table games (e.g. blackjack, craps and roulette) legalized.

What Types of Gambling are Legal in Maryland

  • Casino Gambling – Casino gambling is legal in Maryland and there are several casinos in operation offering all of the traditional games like Craps, Blackjack, roulette, slots, video poker, Pai Gow Poker and more.
  • Sports Betting – Maryland has sports betting on horse racing and there is currently a bill regarding expanding sports betting to include other sports. You can follow the progress of Maryland sports betting here.
  • Online Betting – Online betting is legal in Maryland on horse racing and all of the major sites operate there.
  • Daily Fantasy – Maryland is one of two state (the other being Kansas) where Daily Fantasy is 100% legal. All DFS sites operate in Maryland.
  • Poker – Poker is legal in Maryland at Casinos.
  • Bingo – Bingo is legal Maryland and it has some of the looser laws in this area.
  • Lottery – The Lottery is legal in Maryland with scratch or tickets as well as lotto drawings and interstate lotto ticket sales.