Legal Tennessee Online Gambling, Poker & Casinos

It has to be said that Tennessee has some of the most stringent regulations on gambling in the US. Legalized betting in Tennessee is restricted to a state-operated lottery, horse racing, charitable gambling events and daily fantasy sports action.

The state takes a very dim view of casino gaming, including all forms of poker, as well as dog racing. No legal exception is made for private, social gambling among family and friends.

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As Tennessee is by no means a gambling-friendly state, many of its residents venture to the neighboring Mississippi, which has a vibrant gambling industry. It is said that 10% of all revenue generated at Mississippi's casinos comes from Tennessee residents.

Tennessee Gambling Laws - Summary and Look to the Future

Although Tennessee's gambling legislation makes no explicit mention of the online gambling industry, that doesn't mean it is legalized. Gambling in Tennessee is deemed as "wagering anything of value for a profit", which means that placing wagers online would also fall under this definition.

Online bettors will hope that the state eventually adopts a similar stance to the one it's taken regarding state lotteries and charitable gambling, but don't hold your breath!

Tennessee Gambling Laws - A Brief History

  • 1906 - State votes to outlaw all forms of gambling.
  • 2003 - Residents involved in referendum to legalize state-operated lottery games.
  • 2005 - Poker deemed illegal in the state by Tennessee's Attorney General.
  • 2010 - State votes to legalize charitable bingo gaming.

What Types of Gambling are Legal in Tennessee?

  • Casino Gambling – There is no legal casino gambling in Tennessee. The closest place for Tennessee residents to gamble at a casino is in Tunica, MS.
  • Sports Betting – There is no sports betting of any kind in Tennessee. You can follow the latest on sports betting in Tennessee here.
  • Online Betting – There is no form of online betting that is legal in Tennessee. You can follow any developments for online gambling in Tennessee here.
  • Daily Fantasy – Daily Fantasy Sites (DFS) operate in Tennessee and DFS sites like Fanduel and Draft Kings accept players from the state.
  • Poker – Poker is not legal in any form in Tennessee
  • Bingo – Bingo is not legal in Tennessee. Tennessee is one of only 3 states where Bingo isn’t legal.
  • Lottery – The lottery is the only form of gambling that is legal in Tennessee. The Tennessee lottery offers lotto drawings, scratch offs, and interstate lottery ticket sales.

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