Legal Wyoming Online Gambling, Poker & Casinos

The Cowboy State has more readily embraced the US gambling industry in the post-Millennium era. Wyoming became the 44th US state to legalize and operate its own state lottery in 2013, while tribal casinos have operated in Wyoming since 2005, with three now operational throughout the state thanks to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

Charitable gambling is permitted, providing the charitable organizations' events have been going for a minimum of three years. Pari-mutuel betting was legalized in 2011, with its industry regulated by the Wyoming Pari-Mutuel Commission.

Horse racing is permitted in Wyoming too, with a popular race track situated on the border with neighboring Utah, which attracts large crowds of punters from the Mormon state.

Wyoming Gambling Laws - Summary and Look to the Future

As with many other US states, Wyoming's penal code does not directly address the burgeoning iGaming industry. Therefore, those wishing to play privately in the comfort of their own home should find no problems with signing up to an offshore online gambling operator and playing as much as they like there.

Wyoming Gambling Laws - A Brief History

  • 1901 - All forms of gambling prohibited in Wyoming following McGill Act.
  • 2005 - Tribal groups permitted to offer Class III casino gaming.
  • 2010 - Wyoming's last remaining thoroughbred horse racing track shuts its doors for the last time.
  • 2013 - State-operated lottery games legalized.
  • 2014 - Horse racing and pari-mutuel betting return to two alternative venues.

What Types of Gambling are Legal in Wyoming?

  • Casino Gambling – All of the Wyoming casinos are tribal casinos and they offer slots and video poker as well as table games that are considered games of skill so games like craps and roulette are not permitted as they are seen as games of chance.
  • Sports Betting – Sports betting on horse racing legal in Wyoming but there hasn’t been any recent bill introduced to expand into other forms of sports betting. You can follow any developments in Wyoming sports betting here.
  • Online Betting – Betting on the horses is legal online in Wyoming and most of the large operators accept players from the state. There is no bill outstanding regarding other forms of sports betting in Wyoming but you can follow all of the news regarding online gambling in Wyoming here.
  • Daily Fantasy – All of the major DFS sites like Fanduel and Draft Kings operate in Wyoming and there hasn’t been any challenge to their existence in the state.
  • Poker – Poker is legal in Wyoming and there are 2 poker rooms currently operating in the state. Poker is also legal at bars and taverns as long as there is no house rake so the establishments use poker to draw in more people and increase their food and alcohol sales.
  • Bingo – Bingo is legal in Wyoming for charities as well as on tribal reservations.
  • Lottery – The Wyoming Lottery is fairly new and they only have interstate lotteries and are one of the few states that doesn’t have scratch off tickets or instant lotteries.