Central Florida vs South Dakota State Prediction Basketball Picks 11-19-23

Central Florida vs South Dakota State Prediction Basketball Picks 11-19-23 player photo
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In this thrilling college basketball matchup, the UCF Knights and the South Dakota State Jackrabbits are set to clash on November 19, 2023 in the Jacksonville Classic. Both teams have shown promise in the early stages of the season, making this game a must-watch for fans and bettors alike. The Knights, representing the Big 12, aim to continue their winning ways as they’re coming off a 72-44 home win over the CSU Fullerton Titans, while the Jackrabbits, representing the Summit League, are determined to secure a crucial victory after a 91-68 road loss against the Kansas State Wildcats. With stats and trends to analyze, let's dive into the matchup.

Knights' Offensive Prowess and Strong Defense

The UCF Knights, currently standing at a record of 2-1, have made a strong early-season statement in the Big 12 Conference. They are perched atop the conference standings, reflecting their determination and potential. The Knights have demonstrated their scoring prowess, averaging an impressive 76.3 points per game. This offensive firepower is largely attributed to their leading scorer, guard Jaylin Sellers, who boasts an impressive 20.0 points per game. Sellers is not only the primary scoring option but also a key contributor on the boards, grabbing 7.3 rebounds per game.

When it comes to efficiency, the Knights exhibit a field goal percentage of 45.6, indicating their ability to convert scoring opportunities effectively. Their three-point percentage sitting at 32.3, adds another dimension to their scoring arsenal. On the defensive end, UCF holds their ground, allowing opponents to score an average of 64.7 points per game. Their ability to limit opposing offenses will be a crucial factor in the upcoming game.

In the rebounding department, UCF's total rebounds per game stand at 38.3, showcasing their capacity to control the boards. Additionally, their defensive prowess extends to creating turnovers, with a steals leader in Shemarri Allen, who averages 2.3 steals per game. Furthermore, the Knights have a defensive presence in forward Ibrahima Diallo, leading the team with 3.0 blocked shots per game. These statistics underline the Knights' well-rounded approach, making them a formidable team in the upcoming matchup.

Jackrabbits' Zeke Mayo Leads the Way

The South Dakota State Jackrabbits, currently holding a record of 1-2, have had a mixed start in the Summit League. While their record may not be ideal, they are still in contention within the conference standings. The Jackrabbits have showcased their scoring ability, averaging 75.3 points per game. Leading this offensive charge is guard Zeke Mayo, who boasts an impressive 22.3 points per game, making him a significant force on the court. Mayo's contributions extend beyond scoring, as he also leads the program with 6.3 rebounds and dishes out 3.3 assists per game.

In terms of efficiency, the Jackrabbits maintain a field goal percentage of 46.1, indicating their proficiency in converting shots. Their three-point percentage has been better than the Knights with a 36.1 percentage. While their defense has allowed an average of not available points per game, they compensate by controlling the boards effectively, averaging 39.3 rebounds per game. This strength in rebounding adds a layer of competitiveness to their game plan.

The Jackrabbits exhibit defensive tenacity, led by steals leader guard Charlie Easley, who averages an impressive 4.0 steals per game. Additionally, their shot-blocking prowess is evident, with forward Nate Barnhart leading the team with 1.3 blocked shots per game. These statistics emphasize the Jackrabbits' ability to disrupt opposing offenses and create scoring opportunities on the defensive end. In the upcoming game, they will look to capitalize on these strengths and overcome their defensive challenges to secure a victory.

David's Pick - UCF Knights -6

I'm picking the UCF Knights to secure the victory in this matchup. The Knights' combination of offensive firepower and solid defense, along with their ability to control the boards, gives them an edge. Jaylin Sellers' scoring ability and contributions in rebounding and assists make him a key player. Additionally, the Knights' efficient field goal percentage of 45.6 will likely result in more scoring opportunities. While the South Dakota State Jackrabbits, led by Zeke Mayo, have shown promise, their defensive vulnerabilities may be exploited by the Knights. UCF's ability to force turnovers and create scoring opportunities will likely be the difference-maker in this game.

The statistics back up my pick for the UCF Knights to win. Their strong offensive performance, averaging 76.3 points per game, combined with an efficient field goal percentage of 45.6, showcases their ability to score consistently. On the defensive end, they have held opponents to an average of not available points, indicating their ability to limit scoring opportunities. Furthermore, Jaylin Sellers' all-around contributions, including 7.3 rebounds and 2.7 assists per game, provide versatility and depth to the Knights' lineup. Their ability to control the boards and force turnovers will disrupt the Jackrabbits' game plan.

While Zeke Mayo and the South Dakota State Jackrabbits have shown offensive prowess, their defensive vulnerabilities and lower field goal percentage may prove challenging against the Knights. Overall, the UCF Knights' balanced performance and strong defensive presence make them the favored pick for this matchup.

David Brown's Free Pick:UCF Knights