Clemson vs Boise State Prediction Basketball Picks 11-19-23

Clemson vs Boise State Prediction Basketball Picks 11-19-23 player photo
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In a highly anticipated matchup on November 19, 2023, the Boise State Broncos will clash with the Clemson Tigers in an exciting college basketball showdown. Both teams are off to strong starts this season, with Boise State boasting a 2-0 record after a 63-58 home win over the San Francisco Dons while Clemson standing tall at 3-0 after a 68-65 home victory against the Davidson Wildcats. The game promises a thrilling display of skills, and fans are eagerly awaiting the outcome of this early-season clash.

Early-Season Dominance and Areas of Growth

The Boise State Broncos, currently holding a pristine 2-0 record, have made an early-season statement in the 2023-2024 college basketball campaign. Their undefeated streak has propelled them to the top spot in the Mountain West Conference. Averaging 76.0 points per game, the Broncos' offense showcases their scoring prowess. Leading the charge is guard Chibuzo Agbo, with an impressive 17.0 points per game, while forward Cam Martin dominates the boards, averaging 8.5 rebounds per game. Martin also takes on lead in the playmaking front, taking control with 3.5 assists per game, further fueling the Broncos' offensive engine. Forward Tyson Degenhart complements Agbo's scoring with an average of 17.0 points per game, making the team a dual threat in the scoring department.

Boise State's statistics paint a picture of their strengths and areas for improvement. Their field goal percentage stands at 43.9, reflecting their ability to convert scoring opportunities, albeit with room for growth. Beyond the arc, their three-point percentage at 20.5 is a bit of a concern, and they must seek more accuracy from long range. Free-throw shooting, measured at 65.5%, requires fine-tuning to capitalize on potential game-changing moments. However, the Broncos excel in the rebounding department, securing an impressive 47.5 rebounds per game. Their tenacity extends to defense, with Tyson Degenhart leading the steals category at 3.0 per game. Forward O'Mar Stanley shines in the blocked shots department, averaging 1.0 per game, making it challenging for opponents to score near the rim.

Offensive Firepower and Defensive Commitment

The Clemson Tigers have stormed into the 2023-2024 college basketball season with a perfect 3-0 record, establishing themselves as early contenders in the ACC. Averaging 74.3 points per game, the Tigers' offensive prowess is evident, led by center PJ Hall, who contributes a remarkable 21.3 points per game. In the rebounding department, Hall continues to shine, grabbing 7.0 rebounds per game. Assisting in their offensive execution is guard Joseph Girard III, averaging 3.7 assists per game. Guard Chase Hunter steps up as the second leading scorer with 11.0 points per game, complementing Hall's offensive dominance.

Clemson's statistics reflect their well-rounded game. With a field goal percentage of 46.0, they exhibit efficiency in converting their attempts. Beyond the arc, they maintain a commendable 37.8 three-point shooting rate, providing an additional offensive threat. While their free-throw percentage stands at 68.1, room for improvement exists in capitalizing on free scoring opportunities. On the defensive end, the Tigers secure an average of 32.0 rebounds per game, an area where they need to bolster their efforts to compete at the highest level. Hall's prowess is not limited to offense; he also leads the team with 2.0 blocked shots per game, demonstrating his impact on both ends of the floor. Hall, with 1.3 steals per game, showcases their commitment to defensive disruption.

David's Pick - Boise State Broncos 

My pick for this game leans towards the Boise State Broncos. Despite Clemson's explosive scoring and efficient field goal percentage, Boise State's rebounding prowess and defensive tenacity give them the edge. The Broncos' ability to dominate the boards and create second-chance opportunities should allow them to control the tempo of the game and secure a hard-fought victory. Boise State's strong start to the season, highlighted by their impressive rebounding and defensive capabilities, provides a solid foundation for my pick. Their ability to limit second-chance opportunities for Clemson, combined with their tenacity on the boards, should help them secure crucial possessions. Clemson's three-point shooting may be a threat, but Boise State's defensive prowess, particularly in steals and blocks, can disrupt their rhythm Furthermore, the Broncos' leading scorer, Chibuzo Agbo, has the potential to exploit any defensive weaknesses in the Tigers. While Clemson's offensive firepower is undeniable, the Broncos' well-rounded game and ability to exploit their opponent's weaknesses make them the pick to win this early-season clash. It's bound to be a closely contested game, but Boise State's balanced play should see them emerge victorious.


David Brown's Free Pick:Boise State Broncos