DePaul vs South Dakota Prediction Basketball Picks 11-14-23

DePaul vs South Dakota Prediction Basketball Picks 11-14-23 player photo
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A compelling matchup is on the horizon as the South Dakota Coyotes (2-0) face off against the DePaul Blue Demons (0-2). This Tuesday's game, set to air on FS2, presents a contrast in early-season fortunes. South Dakota is coming off a 100-79 home win over the UT Rio Grande Valley Vaqueros while DePaul lost against the Long Beach State Beach at home 77-73.

Dominating Early Season with Efficiency

 The South Dakota Coyotes have shown remarkable form early in the season, boasting a 2-0 record. Their success stems from a potent offensive strategy and a well-balanced defense. Forward Lahat Thioune has been a significant contributor, leading the team with an impressive 19.5 points per game. His scoring is complemented by guard Bostyn Holt, who averages 14.0 points, forming a formidable duo that challenges defenses. They are scoring the ball incredibly well, averaging 92.5 points per game so far. 

South Dakota's shooting accuracy is noteworthy, with a field goal percentage of 51.6 and an exceptional three-point shooting percentage of 45.8. These statistics underscore their efficiency in capitalizing on scoring opportunities and their threat from beyond the arc. However, the team's free throw percentage, although decent at 75.6, could be an area for further improvement to maximize their scoring in tight games.

Defensively, the Coyotes have been strong, with players like guard Steven Kramer leading with 1.0 blocks and guard Isaac Bruns in steals. Their defensive strategy has been a critical factor in their early victories, providing a solid foundation for their offensive runs. As they face DePaul, maintaining their shooting efficiency and strong defensive play will be key. The team’s ability to control the game’s tempo through their balanced approach could be the decisive factor in this matchup.

Searching for Form and Consistency

The DePaul Blue Demons, facing a challenging start with a 0-2 record, are in search of their first victory. Guard Elijah Fisher has been a standout performer, leading the team with 16.0 points per game, while guard Chico Carter Jr. and forward Jeremiah Oden have also been key contributors. Despite their individual talents, the team's overall performance needs to elevate, particularly in scoring, as indicated by their 73.5 points per game up to this point.

DePaul's shooting accuracy has been moderate, with a field goal percentage of 46.4 and a three-point percentage of 34.1. These numbers suggest room for improvement, especially in perimeter shooting, to enhance their competitiveness. Another concern for the team is their rebounding with 32.0 rebounds per game. Improving in this area could provide them with more second-chance points and limit opponents' opportunities.

Defensively, the Blue Demons have potential, with players like center Churchill Abass leading in blocks. However, the team must tighten their defense to complement their offensive efforts. The uncertainties surrounding the availability of key players like guard Jalen Terry and forward Mac Etienne due to injuries could impact their game plan. As they prepare to face South Dakota, DePaul needs to focus on enhancing their shooting efficiency and strengthening their rebounding and defensive strategies to challenge the Coyotes effectively.


David’s Pick: South Dakota 

Considering the performances and stats of both teams, South Dakota stands out as the favorite in this matchup. Their superior shooting percentages, both from the field and beyond the arc, combined with a solid defensive setup, give them a significant advantage over DePaul. The Blue Demons, while showing individual talent, need to address their weaknesses in shooting and rebounding to pose a serious challenge. South Dakota’s ability to maintain their offensive efficiency and capitalize on DePaul’s defensive gaps could be pivotal. The Coyotes’ balanced attack and consistent performance on both ends of the court position them to control the game and secure a victory in this exciting college matchup.

David Brown's Free Pick:South Dakota