Duquesne vs Princeton Prediction Basketball Picks 11-15-23

Duquesne vs Princeton Prediction Basketball Picks 11-15-23 player photo
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In an enthralling Ivy League vs. Atlantic 10 showdown, the undefeated Princeton Tigers (2-0) lock horns with the Duquesne Dukes (3-0) at 7:00 PM EST on Wednesday. This early-season battle, featuring two undefeated teams, promises a riveting contest of skill, strategy, and heart. With both squads off to a scorching start, the winner will continue to push upwards while the loser will need to regroup.

Princeton's Precision: Calculated Moves on the Court

The Princeton Tigers, standing tall with a 2-0 record, have navigated through its challenges with a blend of grit and skill. Despite ranking 266th nationally in points scored with an average of 71.5 per game and sitting at 233rd in rebounds per game at 32.5, the Tigers have exhibited a knack for pulling off victories. Their shooting accuracy, with a field goal percentage of 43.9% (215th), leaves room for improvement, but they've shown efficiency in crucial aspects of the game. For instance, their free throw percentage stands at an impressive 75% (81st nationally), and their 3-point shooting accuracy is noteworthy at 38.9% (71st). These stats suggest a team that can capitalize on scoring opportunities, particularly from the free-throw line and beyond the arc.

The heart of Princeton's lineup lies in the performances of players like Caden Pierce and Xaivian Lee. Pierce, averaging a double-double with 17 points and 15 rebounds per game, has been a cornerstone for the Tigers. His ability to dominate the boards and contribute significantly to the scoring is a huge plus for the Tigers. Lee, with an average of 15 points and 4.5 assists per game, serves as the offensive fulcrum, effectively distributing the ball and creating scoring opportunities. Their combined efforts have been pivotal in Princeton's early success.

Defensively, the Tigers exhibit a blend of aggression and discipline. Pierce leads the defensive efforts with 2 steals and 1 block per game, indicating a presence that's both disruptive and protective. This defensive tenacity, coupled with their ability to control the tempo and capitalize on scoring chances, will be crucial against Duquesne. 

Duquesne's Dominance: A Blend of Skill and Grit

The Duquesne Dukes have embarked on a remarkable start to their season, showcasing a blend of robust offense and tenacious defense that has propelled them to a 3-0. As they prepare to face the Princeton Tigers, their statistics paint a picture of a team with a well-rounded and effective approach to the game, one that could pose significant challenges for their Ivy League opponent.

On the offensive end, Duquesne's performance has been a mix of efficiency and consistency. They rank 146th nationally in points scored, having scored an average of 84.7 points per game over their first three games. This scoring ability is complemented by their rebounding prowess, where they stand at 160th with 35.5 rebounds per game. Notably, their field goal percentage at 45.7% (167th) surpasses Princeton's, indicating a more effective scoring approach. However, the Dukes have areas to improve, particularly in their free throw (67.4%, 213th) and 3-point percentages (32.8%, 182nd). 

The driving forces behind Duquesne's success are players like Dae Dae Grant and Jimmy Clark III. Grant's scoring average of 21.5 points per game is a clear indicator of his offensive prowess, making him a central figure in Duquesne's attack. Clark III complements this with 17 points and an impressive 7.5 assists per game, showcasing his role as both a scorer and a playmaker. Their combined efforts, along with Fousseyni Drame's remarkable 87.5% field goal efficiency and team-leading 7 rebounds per game, form the core of Duquesne's offensive threat.

Defensively, the Dukes have shown themselves to be equally formidable. Clark's 3 steals per game demonstrate an ability to disrupt opponents' offensive flow, while Drame's 1 block per game adds a layer of protection under the rim. This defensive solidity, combined with their balanced offensive attack, positions Duquesne as a formidable opponent for Princeton. 

David’s Pick - Duquesne Dukes (-4.5)

The matchup between the Princeton Tigers and Duquesne Dukes is set to be a nail-biter, but the scales tip slightly in favor of Duquesne. While Princeton boasts a higher 3-point percentage and free throw efficiency, Duquesne's overall field goal percentage and rebounding ability give them the edge. Grant's scoring prowess and Clark's all-around play, combined with Drame's inside dominance, position the Dukes as the team to beat. Princeton's resilience and Pierce's double-double potential make them formidable, but Duquesne's balanced scoring and better field goal percentage will likely prevail. Expect a tightly contested game with the Dukes pulling out a victory.


David Brown's Free Pick:Duquesne Dukes (-4.5)