FAU vs Bryant Prediction Basketball Picks 11-18-23

FAU vs Bryant Prediction Basketball Picks 11-18-23 player photo
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In this thrilling matchup, the Bryant Bulldogs are set to clash with the Florida Atlantic Owls on Saturday. The Bulldogs, with a 1-3 record, aim to turn their season around against the Owls, who boast an impressive 2-0 start. With key players like Sherif Gross-Bullock for Bryant and Vladislav Goldin for Florida Atlantic, this game promises to showcase both teams' strengths and weaknesses. Let's delve into the in-depth analysis of each team's recent performances, key statistics, and the outlook for this exciting matchup.

Rising Above Challenges

The Bryant Bulldogs, with a current record of 1-3, find themselves in a challenging position as they face off against the Florida Atlantic Owls. On the offensive end, Bryant is scoring an average of 83.8 points per game. Their defense, however, has allowed an average 75.3 points per game. This indicates that while they can put points on the board, they also need to tighten their defense.

Sherif Gross-Bullock is the standout player for the Bulldogs, leading the team in scoring with an average of 17.0 points per game. He is not only their primary scorer but also a key contributor in terms of rebounds, averaging 5.7 rebounds per game. Earl Timberlake takes on the role of the leading rebounder, grabbing an impressive 10.0 rebounds per game. Additionally, Timberlake is the leader in assists with an average of 5.3 assists per game. Daniel Rivera steps in as the second leading scorer, providing valuable offensive support with an average of 13.0 points per game.

Looking at their shooting percentages, the Bulldogs have a field goal percentage of 47.0%, indicating their ability to convert their attempts. However, they struggle from the free-throw line, with a percentage of 58.6%. On the defensive end, they are securing an average of 41.7 rebounds per game, showcasing their presence on the boards. In terms of steals and blocked shots, Sherif Gross-Bullock is leading in both categories, averaging 1.3 steals and 1.0 blocks per game, demonstrating his defensive versatility.

Soaring High Above the Clouds

The Florida Atlantic Owls own a stellar record of 2-0 Offensively, they have been impressive, scoring an average of 87.5 points per game. Their defense, on the other hand, has allowed an average of 59.5 points per game. This balance between offense and defense puts them in a favorable position.

Vladislav Goldin shines as the leading scorer for the Owls, averaging an impressive 19.0 points per game. He is a key offensive force, driving the team's scoring output. In addition to his scoring prowess, Goldin is also a dominant presence on the boards, leading the team in rebounds with an average of 7.5 per game. Bryan Greenlee takes the helm as the leader in assists, dishing out an average of 5.0 assists per game. Brandon Weatherspoon complements Goldin's scoring with an average of 14.0 points per game, serving as the second leading scorer.

When it comes to shooting percentages, the Owls are thriving with a field goal percentage of 55.0%, highlighting their efficiency in converting field goals. Their 3-point shooting is equally impressive, with a percentage of 43.8%, indicating their proficiency beyond the arc. At the free-throw line, they maintain a respectable 66.7% percentage. Defensively, they secure an average of 34.0 rebounds per game, showcasing their ability to control the boards. Vladislav Goldin is not only a scoring machine but also a defensive standout, leading the team in both steals (2.0 per game) and blocked shots (3.0 per game).


David’s Pick - Florida Atlantic Owls

For this matchup, I'm leaning towards the Florida Atlantic Owls as my pick to secure the victory. The Owls have displayed an impressive offensive performance in their first two games of the season, boasting a high field goal percentage of 55.0% and a sharp 3-point shooting at 43.8%. This efficiency on the offensive end, led by Vladislav Goldin's stellar 19.0 points per game, gives them the edge. Additionally, Florida Atlantic's defensive capabilities cannot be overlooked, with Goldin averaging 7.5 rebounds and 3.0 blocks per game. This presents a formidable challenge for Bryant, who has struggled with their shooting efficiency. In conclusion, based on the statistics and recent performances, the Florida Atlantic Owls have the upper hand in this matchup.

David Brown's Free Pick: Florida Atlantic Owls