Fresno State vs Morgan State Prediction Basketball Picks 11-15-23

Fresno State vs Morgan State Prediction Basketball Picks 11-15-23 player photo
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In a captivating early-season encounter, the Morgan State Bears and the Fresno State Bulldogs are poised to deliver an enthralling basketball showdown. Morgan State enters the game with an impressive 2-1 record, showcasing their offensive prowess and resilience. The Bears are on a two-game winning sterak after a 78-60 home win over the Penn State Wilke-Barre Nittany Lions. On the other side, Fresno State, holding a solid stance at 1-1, aims to fortify their position. They are coming off a 79-69 road loss against the Kent State Golden Flashes. Set to unfold at 10:30 PM EST on MWN, this game isn't just a battle of teams; it's a showcase of strategic gameplay and rising talent in college basketball.

The Hidden Gem of MEAC D-I

The Morgan State Bears, with a 2-1 record, are a team demonstrating an intriguing blend of offensive flair and potential areas for growth. Scoring 79.0 points per game thus far, the Bears' offense has been a driving force early in the season. This scoring prowess is spearheaded by forward Myles Thompson, who averages 15.0 points per game. His scoring ability, combined with a solid 45.9% shooting from the field, makes him a key asset. Guard Kamron Hobbs follows closely, contributing 13.0 points per game, and impresses with his remarkable shooting efficiency, hitting 56.5% from the field and an astonishing 64.3% from beyond the arc. This indicates a team that not only scores but does so with remarkable efficiency.

However, the Bears' statistical story isn’t just about scoring. Their overall field goal percentage stands at 48.4, reflecting a balanced offensive strategy. While their three-point shooting, at 34.3%, suggests room for improvement, it's their rebounding numbers that demand attention. Grabbing 41.7 total rebounds per game, it's clear that Morgan State has been doing pretty well with their presence under the basket. Forward Christian Oliver, leading the team with 6.3 rebounds per game, shows promise, but a collective effort is needed for the Bears to dominate the boards effectively.

Defensively, the Bears show signs of robustness but also areas needing refinement. While they have players like Thompson and Hobbs contributing in steals, averaging 1.0 per game each, their overall defensive stats could be bolstered. Morgan State's ability to transition from defense to offense, particularly leveraging turnovers and rebounds, will be crucial in their upcoming games. This balance between offensive firepower and defensive solidity will be key in determining their success in the highly competitive landscape of college basketball.

A Formidable Force in the MWC D-I

The Fresno State Bulldogs, with a record of 1-1, stand as a formidable contender in the Mountain West. Their offensive efficiency is one of their strongest suits, shooting 54.6% from the floor right now. This stat is a clear indicator of their ability to select and make good shots, a crucial aspect in tight games. Leading this charge is guard Xavier DuSell, averaging 18.5 points per game with a solid 52.4% shooting from the field and an exceptional 57.1% from the three-point line. This kind of shooting efficiency makes DuSell a significant threat from anywhere on the court.

In contrast to their offensive prowess, Fresno State's rebounding is an area of concern, ranking averaging just 30.0 rebounds per game. This statistic could be a potential weakness, especially against teams that are strong on the boards. Center Eduardo Andre, however, stands out as a beacon of hope in this department, leading the team with 6.5 rebounds per game and also contributing significantly on defense with 2.0 blocks per game. This indicates that while there may be a team-wide issue in rebounding, there are individual players who can rise to the challenge.

Defensively, Fresno State has shown they can be a tough opponent. Their ability to limit opponents' scoring opportunities, as evidenced by their players' steal and block numbers, adds another layer to their game. DuSell not only leads in scoring but also contributes defensively with 2.5 steals per game, showcasing his all-around capabilities. Injuries to key players like Chuks Isitua and Pierre Geneste Jr. pose challenges, but they also open opportunities for other players to step up and fill those roles. Fresno State's success will depend on their ability to maintain their offensive efficiency while improving their rebounding and continuing their strong defensive play.

David’s Pick: Fresno State

Considering the stats and the current form of both teams, the Fresno State Bulldogs have a slight edge in this encounter. Despite their rebounding struggles, their superior field goal and three-point percentages could be the deciding factors. Morgan State's offensive threat is undeniable, but Fresno State's defensive resilience, led by Andre's shot-blocking and rebounding, might just tip the scales. Fresno State’s ability to shoot efficiently from the field coupled with their defensive prowess gives them a tactical advantage. Expect the Bulldogs to leverage their shooting accuracy and defensive solidity to clinch a victory in this thrilling matchup.

David Brown's Free Pick:Fresno State Bulldogs ATS