Grambling State vs Delaware State Prediction Basketball Picks 11-17-23

Grambling State vs Delaware State Prediction Basketball Picks 11-17-23 player photo
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In this exciting matchup, the Delaware State Hornets take on the Grambling Tigers on Friday. The Hornets are seeking their first win of the season, while the Tigers aim to continue their winning streak. This clash promises to be a battle of contrasting styles, with Delaware State struggling on offense, and Grambling showcasing their scoring prowess. Let's delve into a detailed analysis of both teams and make predictions based on their recent performances and key statistics.

Offensive Struggles and Defensive Woes

The Delaware State Hornets find themselves in a challenging position as they enter this matchup with a 0-2 record. They face the uphill battle of getting their first win of the season. Offensively, the Hornets have struggled to find their rhythm, averaging a mere 52.0 points per game, placing them 356th in the nation in scoring. Their field goal percentage stands at 33.9%, indicative of their difficulties in converting scoring opportunities. Jevin Muniz is their leading scorer, contributing 15.3 points per game, but he'll need more support from the team's second-leading scorer.

Defensively, Delaware State has faced significant challenges, allowing an average of 82.5 points per game. Opponents have exploited their defense, shooting at a 41.2% clip from beyond the arc. The Hornets have struggled to protect the rim, evident by their modest 1.3 blocked shots per game. Additionally, their ability to secure rebounds has been subpar, with an average of only 32.0 per game. These defensive woes pose a considerable obstacle to their success in the upcoming game.

The outlook for the Hornets in this matchup hinges on their ability to improve offensive efficiency, minimize turnovers, and tighten their defense. Muniz's scoring will be pivotal, but the team must collectively step up to provide consistent offensive contributions. Defensive adjustments and an increased emphasis on rebounds and shot-blocking are imperative for the Hornets to have a chance at securing their elusive first victory of the season.

Scoring Prowess and Defensive Dominance

The Grambling Tigers enter this matchup with a solid 2-1 record. Their offensive prowess is evident, averaging an impressive 86.0 points per game, ranking them 61st in the nation in scoring. This high-scoring output is fueled by their efficient field goal percentage of 48.5%, indicating their ability to capitalize on scoring opportunities. Leading scorer Tra’Michael Moton has been instrumental, contributing 17.0 points per game, while Jalen Johnson provides valuable support as the second-leading scorer averaging 16.3 points per game.

Defensively, the Tigers must improve, allowing 78.3 points per game. Nevertheless, opponents have struggled to find open shots against Grambling's defense, shooting at a mere 39.3% from the field. The Tigers' ability to protect the rim is evident with an average of 3.0 blocked shots per game, making it challenging for opponents to score in the paint. Furthermore, their defensive tenacity is reflected in their 9.7 steals per game, showcasing their ability to create turnovers.

The outlook for the Grambling Tigers in this matchup is favorable. Their balanced offensive attack, coupled with strong defensive play, positions them well to secure another victory. Tra’Michael Moton's scoring prowess and the team's defensive intensity will be pivotal in maintaining their winning streak. Facing the struggling Delaware State Hornets, Grambling is well-prepared to extend their positive start to the season and secure a convincing win in this NCAAB clash.


David's Pick - Grambling Tigers 

My pick for this game is the Grambling Tigers to secure the victory. The statistics and recent performances of both teams strongly support this pick. Grambling's offensive efficiency, averaging 86.0 points per game with a 48.5% field goal percentage, sets them apart from the struggling Delaware State Hornets. On the defensive side, Grambling is forcing turnovers with 9.7 steals per game. Delaware State's offensive struggles, scoring only 52.0 points per game with a 33.9% field goal percentage, play into Grambling's defensive strengths. Additionally, the Tigers' two-game winning streak indicates their current form and momentum, while the Hornets are on a two-game losing streak. Given these factors and the teams' respective performances, David believes that Grambling Tigers have a strong advantage in this matchup and are likely to secure a convincing win.

David Brown's Free Pick:Grambling Tigers