Loyola Marymount vs Jackson State Prediction Basketball Picks 11-14-23

Loyola Marymount vs Jackson State Prediction Basketball Picks 11-14-23 player photo
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Tuesday night's NCAAB showdown at 10:00 PM ET on ESPN+ features a gripping contest between the Jackson State Tigers and the Loyola Marymount Lions. Jackson State (0-3) is looking for their first win as they are coming off an 80-66 road loss against California Baptist Lancers. Loyola Marymount (1-1) are coming off an 83-80 home loss against the Yale Bulldogs. With stark contrasts in team statistics and individual performances, this game promises to be a revealing test for both squads.

A Quest for Consistency

The Jackson State Tigers have had a rocky start to their season, currently holding an 0-3 record. Their struggles are evident in their scoring as they are scoring 68.0 points per game while shooting 41.8 percent from the floor. Additionally, their three-point shooting, sitting at 35.5 percent, suggests potential yet untapped.

Guard Ken Evans Jr. emerges as the team's beacon of hope, averaging 19.0 points per game with an impressive 47.1 field goal percentage and leading in rebounds with 5.7 per game. His performance, including a notable 57.1% from the three-point line, is a crucial element for the Tigers. However, the team's overall rebounding is a significant concern, averaging 34.3 rebounds per game, indicating a struggle in controlling the board.

Defensively, the Tigers show sparks of competitiveness with guard Keiveon Hunt leading with 2.3 steals per game, suggesting an aggressive approach in their defensive plays. The team's shot-blocking ability, however, remains modest, with forward Keijuan Johnson leading with 1.3 blocks per game. The Tigers' inconsistency is their biggest challenge – while they show flashes of brilliance, particularly in scoring, their overall execution, especially in rebounding and shooting efficiency, needs significant improvement to transform potential into victories.

A Formidable Force

Loyola Marymount Lions have had a balanced start to their season, holding a 1-1 record. Their strength lies in their shooting efficiency as they have a remarkable 53.8%. This high shooting percentage, coupled with a three-point shooting at 36.0%, demonstrates a well-rounded offensive capability.

Guard Dominick Harris stands out as the top scorer with 16.5 points per game, followed closely by center Lars Thiemann with 13.0 points per game. Their scoring depth is further supported by guard Justin Wright (14.0 ppg) and forward Alex Merkviladze (12.5 ppg), indicating a versatile and potent offensive lineup. The Lions also excel in rebounding, averaging 34.5 rebounds per game, showcasing their ability to dominate the glass - a stark contrast to their opponents.

Their defensive stats are equally impressive, with Will Johnston leading in steals (2.0 per game) and center Rick Issanza leads in blocked shots (2.0 per game). This defensive prowess, combined with their offensive efficiency, positions the Lions as a formidable team. They demonstrate a well-balanced approach, with effective scoring, strong rebounding, and an aggressive defense. The key for Loyola Marymount is to maintain this balance and capitalize on their shooting efficiency to overpower their opponents.

David’s Pick: Loyola Marymount Lions

In this NCAAB face-off, the Loyola Marymount Lions stand as the clear favorite against the Jackson State Tigers. The stats paint a vivid picture of why Loyola Marymount holds the upper hand. With a 1-1 record, they've shown a remarkable ability to control the game. Their field goal percentage is an impressive 53.8, demonstrating their efficiency in converting possessions into points. In contrast, Jackson State struggles with a field goal percentage of only 41.8. This stark difference in shooting efficiency could be a decisive factor in the game.

The Lions' Dominick Harris, averaging 16.5 points and leading the team in scoring, is a pivotal player who could exploit Jackson State's defensive gaps. On the other hand, Jackson State's top scorer, Ken Evans Jr., despite his impressive 19.0 points per game, may find it challenging to maintain his scoring streak against Loyola's more robust defense. The Lions' balanced attack and defensive solidity, paired with Jackson State's offensive inconsistencies, make Loyola Marymount the sensible pick for a victory in this matchup.

David Brown's Free Pick:Loyola Marymount Lions