Oklahoma vs UTRGV Prediction Basketball Picks 11-17-23

Oklahoma vs UTRGV Prediction Basketball Picks 11-17-23 player photo
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In this highly anticipated college basketball matchup, the UT Rio Grande Valley Vaqueros are set to face off against the Oklahoma Sooners on Friday. While the Sooners boast an undefeated record early in the season, the Vaqueros aim to turn their fortunes around after two consecutive losses. Both teams bring unique strengths to the court, setting the stage for an intriguing showdown.

 UT Rio Grande Valley's Resilience and Road Challenges

The UT Rio Grande Valley Vaqueros have faced a challenging start to their 2023-2024 campaign, posting a 1-2 overall record. Their offense has shown promise, averaging 81.3 points per game, thanks in large part to their leading scorer, Elijah Elliott, who contributes a substantial 21.0 points per game. On the glass, Ahren Freeman has been crucial, leading the team with 6.0 rebounds per game, while Hasan Abdul-Hakim takes charge as the assists leader with an impressive 7.3 assists per game.

Analyzing their shooting performance, the Vaqueros maintain a decent field goal percentage of 44.4%, indicative of their ability to convert scoring opportunities efficiently. However, their 3-point shooting leaves room for improvement, standing at 20.8%, which could be a vulnerability against a strong defensive team like the Sooners. In terms of free throws, their 61.7% accuracy from the line is an area where they can strive for improvement.

Defensively, the Vaqueros have been actively pursuing rebounds, averaging 39.7 per game, showcasing their prowess on the boards. Elijah Elliott's contributions extend to the defensive end with a team high 3.0 steals per game, while Hasan Abdul-Hakim has been effective in distributing the ball. When it comes to shot-blocking, the team relies on Hasan Abdul-Hakim, who averages 1.7 blocked shots per game. Despite recent setbacks, the Vaqueros aim to bounce back and put their strengths to good use against the Sooners.

Oklahoma's Unbeaten Streak and Offensive Prowess

The Oklahoma Sooners have started the 2023-2024 season with an impressive 3-0 record. Their offensive prowess is evident, as they average 88.0 points per game, making them a formidable force on the scoreboard. Leading the charge is Otega Oweh, the team's top scorer with an impressive 15.7 points per game, while also contributing 6.0 rebounds per game. Milos Uzan has been the primary playmaker, leading the team in assists with 4.0 per game.

In terms of shooting efficiency, the Sooners maintain a remarkable field goal percentage of 52.0%, a clear indicator of their ability to convert scoring opportunities. Their 3-point shooting at 34.7% adds an extra dimension to their offensive game. Free throws are another area of strength, with a solid 79.2% success rate from the charity stripe.

Defensively, the Sooners have been imposing, allowing only 52.0 points per game on average, demonstrating their ability to lock down opponents. Sam Godwin leads in blocked shots with 1.7 per game, contributing to their strong defensive presence. Otega Oweh, with 2.7 steals per game, is a key contributor to their defensive efforts. With their well-rounded game and unbeaten streak, the Sooners are set to pose a formidable challenge to the Vaqueros in their upcoming matchup.

David’s Pick - Oklahoma Sooners -23

I'm confident in picking the Oklahoma Sooners to secure the victory in this matchup. Their unbeaten record, coupled with their potent offense and solid defense, positions them as the favorites. The statistics back this pick, with the Sooners maintaining a higher field goal percentage and an impressive 3-point shooting percentage. Otega Oweh's consistent performance as a scorer and rebounder also adds to their advantage. The Vaqueros, though resilient, will struggle to keep pace with the Sooners' offensive firepower. The statistics and recent performances of both teams provide a strong foundation for my pick. The Oklahoma Sooners have been a dominant force in the early season, boasting a 3-0 record and a high-scoring offense. Their field goal percentage of 52.0% indicates their efficiency in scoring, while a 34.7% 3-point shooting percentage demonstrates their versatility. Defensively, the Sooners have been formidable, limiting opponents to just 52.0 points per game. 



David Brown's Free Pick:Oklahoma Sooners -23