Oregon State vs Appalachian State Prediction Basketball Picks 11-14-23

Oregon State vs Appalachian State Prediction Basketball Picks 11-14-23 player photo
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As the lights come alive inside Gill Coliseum, an intriguing NCAAB encounter unfolds with the Appalachian State Mountaineers facing off against the Oregon State Beavers. Appalachian State (1-1) are coming off a 91-78 road loss against the Northern Illinois Huskies. Oregon State (2-0) are coming off an exhilarating 81-80 double-overtime home win over the Troy Trojans. Scheduled for Tuesday, Nov 14, 10:00 PM ET, this game is not just a battle of records but a display of emerging talent and team dynamics.

Elevating Their Game: A Battle Against Odds

The Appalachian State Mountaineers, with a record of 1-1, walk into this game with a narrative of potential yet untapped. Their performance so far is a juxtaposition of robust rebounding against an underwhelming offensive show. Averaging 44.5 rebounds per game, the Mountaineers have showcased their ability to control the boards, a fundamental aspect that often dictates the flow of the game. Forward Justin Abson, with his impressive 9.5 rebounds per game, not only anchors their defense but also sets the stage for transition offense. However, the problem lies in what happens post-transition. Appalachian State’s shooting inefficiency, with a 43.2 field goal percentage, paints a picture of missed opportunities and a lack of scoring finesse.

Diving deeper into their offensive woes, the Mountaineers’ struggles from beyond the arc and at the charity stripe are glaring. Their three-point shooting, at a modest 30.4%, combined with a dismal 51.1% free throw shooting, are areas crying out for improvement. Forwards Christopher Mantis, leading with 14.0 points per game, and Donovan Gregory, following with 13.0 points per game, have been the primary scoring options, but the team desperately needs more consistent contributions from others. The Mountaineers’ inability to capitalize on scoring opportunities is further compounded by their assist numbers. With guard Xavion Brown leading with only 4.5 assists per game, it indicates a need for better ball distribution and offensive cohesion.

The key for Appalachian State in this matchup is to leverage their strength in rebounding while finding a rhythm in their scoring. To counteract the Beavers, the Mountaineers must improve their shooting accuracy, both from the field and the free-throw line. Enhancing their assist numbers would not only diversify their offense but also create more open looks, potentially boosting their field goal percentage. This game presents an opportunity for Appalachian State to turn their statistical deficiencies into strengths, a transformation crucial for their ascent in the Sun Belt standings.

A Strong Start with Room for Improvement

The Oregon State Beavers, with their perfect 2-0 start, have set the stage for what could be a defining season in the Pac-12 Conference. Their overall team composition and performance indicate a group ready to contend at a high level. The team's scoring is doing very well as they are putting up 81.5 points per game, backed by solid contributions across the roster. Guard Jordan Pope, leading the charge with 16.0 points per game, exemplifies the Beavers’ scoring prowess. However, the team's overall field goal percentage of 44.4, suggests room for improvement in shooting efficiency.

Oregon State’s rebounding game, averaging 42.0 total rebounds per game, while not as dominant as Appalachian State's, is still respectable. Forward Tyler Bilodeau, pulling down 9.5 rebounds per game, not only contributes significantly on the boards but also leads the team in scoring efficiency with a remarkable 73.3% shooting from the field. This dual role of scoring and rebounding makes him a critical asset against the Mountaineers. However, the Beavers’ Achilles' heel lies in their three-point shooting. However, shooting 25.0 percent from beyond the arc through two games needs to be addressed if they want to be better as a team.

Defensively, the Beavers have shown promise. Forward Gavin Marrs, leading the team with 1.5 blocks per game, is a testament to their ability to disrupt opponents' scoring in the paint. The team’s overall defense will be tested against the Mountaineers, especially in controlling the glass. The key for Oregon State in this matchup is to maintain their scoring efficiency while addressing their weaknesses in three-point shooting. If they can manage to keep up their defensive intensity and improve their perimeter scoring, the Beavers could very well extend their winning streak. This game is not just about maintaining a record; it's about Oregon State asserting their identity in the Pac-12 and showcasing their capability to adapt and overcome.

David's Pick - Oregon State Beavers (-1.5)

In this matchup, the Oregon State Beavers hold the advantage. Their overall team balance, coupled with strong individual performances from Pope and Bilodeau, gives them the edge. Appalachian State’s shooting struggles and poor free throw percentage are significant concerns, especially against Oregon State’s more efficient offense. The Beavers' ability to capitalize on the Mountaineers' weaknesses, particularly in shooting accuracy, positions them favorably in this contest. Oregon State’s superior field goal percentage and rebounding ability, combined with Appalachian State’s inefficiencies in scoring and free throws, make the Beavers the favorable pick. Expect Oregon State to leverage their balanced attack and defensive strength to secure a victory.



David Brown's Free Pick:Oregon State Beavers (-1.5)