Pittsburgh vs Jacksonville Prediction Basketball Picks 11-17-23

Pittsburgh vs Jacksonville Prediction Basketball Picks 11-17-23 player photo
Credit: USA Today Sports

In a thrilling college basketball showdown, the Jacksonville Dolphins will face off against the Pittsburgh Panthers on Friday. Both teams come into this game with different records and strengths. The Panthers, boasting a perfect 3-0 record, have been dominant on both ends of the court, while the Dolphins, with a 2-1 record, aim to upset their opponents with their scoring prowess. Let's dive into the detailed analysis of both teams and make our prediction for this exciting matchup.

Jacksonville Dolphins' Strengths and Challenges

The Jacksonville Dolphins enter this matchup with a promising 2-1 record. Their offensive prowess has been a key factor in their success, averaging 84.7 points per game (PPG). Leading the charge is their top scorer, Robert McCray V, who averages an impressive 17.0 PPG. Additionally, Bryce Workman's contributions on the boards, with 9.7 rebounds per game (RPG), have been crucial in securing possessions. In terms of playmaking, Gyasi Powell leads the team with 4.0 assists per game (APG).

When we delve into the statistical aspects of their game, Jacksonville boasts a commendable 47.0% field goal percentage, signifying their ability to convert field goals efficiently. However, their 3-point shooting stands at 31.7%, which suggests room for improvement in long-range shooting. The free throw percentage for the Dolphins is 68.8%, indicating decent accuracy from the charity stripe. On the defensive end, Jacksonville averages 12.7 steals per game (SPG), showcasing their ability to disrupt opponents' plays. Bryce Workman leads the team in blocked shots with 1.0 block per game (BPG), providing an added layer of rim protection.

Pittsburgh Panthers' Dominance and Defensive Prowess

The Pittsburgh Panthers come into this game with an impressive 3-0 record, establishing themselves as the top team in their conference. Their offensive output has been stellar, averaging 91.7 points per game (PPG), a clear indicator of their scoring ability. Leading the scoring charge is Blake Hinson, who boasts an impressive 19.0 PPG. Additionally, Federiko Federiko's prowess on the boards, with 8.7 rebounds per game (RPG), has been instrumental in controlling the paint. When it comes to facilitating plays, Carlton Carrington leads the team with 7.0 assists per game (APG).

In terms of statistics, the Panthers excel in multiple areas. They maintain a strong 50.8% field goal percentage, showcasing their efficiency in converting field goals. Their 3-point shooting stands at 35.7%, indicating their ability to stretch the floor and score from beyond the arc. Pittsburgh also performs well at the free-throw line with a 59.2% free throw percentage. Defensively, they excel with an average of 7.0 blocked shots per game (BPG), making it challenging for opponents to score inside. Additionally, Ishmael Leggett leads the team in steals with 2.0 SPG, further disrupting opponents' plays.

David’s Pick - Pittsburgh Panthers -17

I'm confident that the Pittsburgh Panthers will come out on top in this matchup. Their perfect record, efficient scoring led by Blake Hinson, and strong defense with 7.0 blocks per game give them a significant advantage. Jacksonville's defensive vulnerabilities might prove costly in this game. Therefore, my pick is the Pittsburgh Panthers to win. The statistics and recent performances of both teams support the pick of the Pittsburgh Panthers to win this game. Pittsburgh's perfect 3-0 record, coupled with their impressive offensive and defensive stats, make them the favorites. Blake Hinson's scoring ability, along with his contributions in rebounds and assists, gives the Panthers a well-rounded offensive threat. Moreover, their 50.8% field goal percentage indicates efficient scoring opportunities. Jacksonville, while possessing offensive firepower, lacks the defensive prowess to contain the Panthers effectively. In conclusion, Pittsburgh's balanced performance on both ends of the court, supported by their impressive stats, makes them the team to bet on in this matchup. Expect the Panthers to continue their winning streak and secure a victory against the Jacksonville Dolphins.



David Brown's Free Pick:Pittsburgh Panthers -17