How Do I Deposit Money in My Online Betting Account or Betting App?

Once you have selected an online sportsbook you will need to deposit money into your account in order to start betting. 

Just as the different types of bets, betting limits, etc. vary from online sportsbook to online sportsbook, so do the deposit methods. Keep in mind that the sportsbook is more than willing to help you deposit money into your account and, of course, be sure to check out our sportsbook ratings to see which have the best customer service just in case you want to make that big wager and need to get a deposit in quickly.

Here are the most common deposit methods for online sportsbooks

Credit Card or Bank Card

While most online sportsbooks accept some form of credit card usually it is the issuing bank that makes the final decision. The most common credit cards accepted for online sports wagering sites are Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. You can read more about making credit card deposits to online sportsbooks here:


Bitcoin has become increasingly popular for use in depositing money in online betting accounts. With Bitcoin you don’t have to worry about the bank accepting or not accepting the transaction, in many cases it is similar to paying cash. Read more about Bitcoin deposits at online sports betting sites here:

Wire Transfer

Wire Transfers are sometimes called Direct Bank Transfers but at the end of the day it all means the same thing, electronically moving money from your bank to your online betting account. While this method still works, it is less popular these days. See more about Wire Transfers to online betting websites here:


PayPal is a digital wallet and while most people associate it with part of an eBay transaction they made, it really is just another way of moving money around electronically. While the toaster you won with your winning bid at the online auction site may not work, it has nothing at all to do with PayPal which is as reputable as any bank or credit card. Read more about PayPal deposits to online gambling sites here:


Neteller is another digital wallet which facilitates the transfer of money from your bank to another place, in this case an online sportsbook. There are a number of ways to fund your Neteller account and you can read more about them here:

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