How to Use Credit Cards to Deposit on Betting Sites

Using a credit card to deposit funds into your sportsbook or casino account couldn’t be easier. Upon signup, or by signing in thereafter, simply register your credit card with the bookmaker and you will be able to use it very quickly to load your account.

Numbers can be saved online so that if you should want to deposit funds very quickly, simply login, choose your credit card within your betting bank, enter the amount you want to deposit and then type in your secure number. Simple!

Why Choose Credit Cards for Your Betting Site Deposits

Some people may well be in a position to get a new credit card or switch their balance and in that case, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to use it for your online gambling deposits so long as you can confirm with your credit card company that you are receiving 0% interest for a while.

Although the vast majority of online betting firms are now reputable, there have been instances in the past of players being refused their payout having made a profit. If there is a dispute or something goes missing having been bought with a credit card, you are often protected by them and will receive a refund.

It’s often possible to earn extra points and rewards while you spend on your credit card too which is another reason to use it, see below for more information.

Advantages / Disadvantages of Depositing Via Credit Card

If you are someone who is organized enough to manage credit cards effectively and redeem any bonuses and points on offer from the companies, then using them to load your sportsbook account is just another purchase for you.

Using your credit card for your online betting could mean collecting a host of airmiles or other such rewards while also enjoying a bet, so in that case there are reasons for some to want to use them.

The disadvantages associated with using credit cards far outweigh the positive aspects however. Firstly it’s easy to forget to pay off the card quickly, meaning you will face monthly interest charges on top of (perhaps) some gambling losses.

On top of this it has transpired that some credit card companies count online betting as a cash advance transaction, similar to asking for cash from the ATM on your credit card, the most expensive way to borrow money.

Which Credit Cards Can I Use To Deposit On Betting Sites?

As you can imagine there is no definitive list for this, as new credit cards pop up all the time and may or may not allow online gambling. Typically, any brand of credit card using the following supplier will usually be accepted by most online sportsbooks and casinos in the US:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Diners Club

Each of these will have their own charges attached and some may charge your deposits as a cash advance payment, something you should look out for. Furthermore, each individual sportsbook can charge whatever they feel appropriate for each deposit so make sure you have all the details before loading your account.

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