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Which NBA Player Had The Most Playoff Fouls During Their Playoff Careers?

The NBA Player with the Most Fouls During Their Playoff Careers.
2020-06-16 12:00:00 EDT

In the playoffs especially with the NBA, it’s important to have a player who isn’t afraid to set the tone with a couple of hard fouls. Let’s look at the NBA Players with the most fouls during their playoff careers. 

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10.Dennis Rodman -630 Personal Fouls

Dennis Rodman wasn’t ever afraid to lay down a hard foul to set a tempo. Rodman finished his playoff career with 630 personal fouls. 

8.Derek Fisher -645 Personal Fouls

One of the ones people probably forget about that is on this list is Derek Fisher. Fisher did pay 259 games in his career which helped land him on this list. 

8.Rasheed Wallace -645 Personal Fouls

Rasheed Wallace averaged 3.6 personal fouls each game during his playoff career. Wallace averaged 4.3 fouls per game during the 1996-97 season with the Portland Trail Blazers. 

7.Kobe Bryant -660 Personal Fouls

Kobe Bryant wasn’t just an elite scorer during the playoffs, he also played with a chip on his shoulder and had plenty of fouls. 

6.Karl Malone -662 Personal Fouls

Karl Malone averaged 3.4 personal fouls during his career with the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Lakers. During the 1988-89 season, he averaged 5.3 fouls per game. 

5.Scottie Pippen -686 Personal Fouls

Scottie Pippen was a key reason for the Bulls winning titles during the 1990’s. Most seasons he didn’t average more than 3.3 fouls per game, so his high numbers had more to do with 

4.Tim Duncan -701 Personal Fouls

Tim Duncan played in 251 games in the playoffs averaging 2.8 fouls per game, In 2014-15 he did average 3.7 fouls per game. 

3.Robert Horry -717 Personal Fouls

Robert Horry found a lot of success during the playoffs, but he also had plenty of fouls averaging 2.9 a game during his career. 

2.Shaquille O’Neal -769 Personal Fouls

The only thing shocking about Shaquille O’Neal being number two is that he isn’t number one. He finished his career with 769 fouls during his playoff career.

1.Kareem Abdul-Jabbar -797 Personal Fouls

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar averaged 3.4 fouls per game during his time in the playoffs. During the 1977-78 playoffs, he averaged 4.7 personal fouls. 

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